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Jub Jub

Jub Jub

Agent- Morgan

An accomplished musician who comfortably straddles various genres of music which entrenched his popularity as a household icon, Jub Jub is a multi-talented artist ideal for product launches, brand campaigns, music concerts and various corporate strategic partnerships. Jub Jub grew up in Orlando East, Soweto where he was raised by his parents within a family of 5 children.

He has had a refreshing walk throughout his career, started off young appearing in numerous South African commercials such as:

  • Fresca
  • Sprite
  • Inkomazi
  • The memorable Coca Cola commercial with soccer legends Doctor Khumalo, Fani Madida & Shane McGregor (Kaizer Chiefs veterans).


Jub Jub has also perfected the art of presenting TV shows and appearing in film such as:

KTV (Kids entertainment)

Road to Health (educational youth program)

Jam Alley (youth entertainment interactive show)

Selimathunzi (lifestyle celebrity show)

Ezimtoti (music program)

Simunye Grooves (music Video showcase)

Channel O (international and local music, variety show)


Feature Films 


Lunar Cop (A South African feature film within the science fiction genre)

‘Full court press’AND ‘Drive by’ both feature films, filmed in New York produced and directed by former Black Panther Jamal Joseph. Full court press was a basketball movie featuring Hip Hop megastars Craig Mack and Da Brat.


Print magazine appearances


DRUM magazine (front cover)

DRUM (different issue, inside feature)

SOUL magazine

DRUM (cooking issue)

COSMOPOLITAN (full page as part of ’10 most played local artists 2008’ write-up)

Jub Jub was the first South African to land a scholarship at the renowned FAME School –La Guardia High School for the Performing Arts in New York Manhattan where he completed his high-school syllabi.


Jub-Jub’s always had a passion for the entertainment industry but his talents did not stop there. He consequently took a 7 year sabbatical from public life to introspect and self-renew preparing for the current bombshell package he has become.


ALBUM releases & musical accomplishments


His talent was obvious in his debut Album “THE RARE BREED” which was released in 2006. The track ‘GOOD TIME OF YOUR LIFE” was a hit on the charts and received majorly high rotation on all radio stations and TV music channels. Jub Jub was also invited to perform this track at the prestigious 2006 Metro FM Music Awards event.

He then released his second album “MY SHINE” in 2007 which had the Blessed smash hit “NDIKHOKHELE” featuring the acclaimed Jaziel brothers. This song was nominated for the 2008 SAMA Awards for the Song of the Year category and the Best Hip Hop category. It was also nominated for the Metro FM Music Awards for Song of the Year in 2008. This is evidence of the positive affinity reflected on the national psyche.

Cementing his cross-over appeal, this album reverberated through the nation and got Jub Jub invited to perform the opening act in the highly regarded 2008 SAMA music awards event. This album sold more than 50 000 units achieving Platinum status!

In 2009 Jub Jub released his third album “FRESH AIR” under his own record label called “THE RARE BREED ENTERTAINMENT” in a joint-venture with SHEER SOUND. On this current album, he collaborated with award-winning fellow artists including Kelly Khumalo, RJ Benjamin, Lungelo, Tamarsha, Jamela, Amu, Don Juan, Bonzitto, Zwai Bala, Guffy Pilane & Thembisile Ntaka.


Target audience profile


For the first time a star has been able to command such an intensely emotional fan-base including teenagers, twenty year olds, moms and fathers and grand parents. Jub Jub is unmatched in his cross-over appeal. His songs are not only sung at parties, corporate gigs; concerts; mass events, but also churches and every-where else where the gospel is preached; where people converge for a good time.


Corporate Appeal


Jub Jub’s brand identity is perfectly matched for both corporate hospitality and mass entertainment. He is deeply appreciative of his fans who have given him a strong brand identity. Product endorsements, appearances, product sampling, developing brand equity, are all possible partnerships that Jub Jub is open to.


Jub Jub Philosophy of life


The Jub, as some friends call him, has indeed been igniting sparks in the music industry as well as in churches. It is rare that an artist would have such huge demand for gospel events as well as hip hop events. It is rare that an artist exudes such diversity. It is rare that an artist pulls in the masses to speak out about life and the challenges that they are faced with.

Jub Jub took challenging personal experiences and turned these into something beautiful and deeply uplifting music. And it is through music that people experience serenity, find inspiration and believe in hope.

“Whenever he opens his mouth, what comes out is like Mohammed Ali’s punch” is a common refrain among analysts within the music industry. It’s strong, powerful and impactful.

The Jub Jub brand is synonymous with someone who never backs down, who never lets any challenge deter him from his God-given talents and divine path. It does not matter what intensity and length it could last for, Jub Jub will outshine any adversity.

Jub Jub always believes as an individual if you have been through trials and tribulations, when you emerge and achieve success in-spite of such, then you are a real winner. Jub Jub’s personal philosophy is that a God-given talent is a talent that can never be confiscated by any living being.